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I forgot a shirt to wear for today. Sigh.

on 19 Apr about 1 minute ago
guess im wearing the tank top from yesterday;  

Shout out to that one friend who listens to you complain about life day in and day out.

on 18 Apr about 10 hours ago with 7N
and i know hes getting sick of my shit;  god bless Manny;  

Sleeping on big beds is a blessing and a curse. I can spread out and take up as much room as I want. But it makes me realize how lonely I am.

on 18 Apr about 10 hours ago with 9N
on 18 Apr about 13 hours ago with 12N
Hawke: [breathes]
Carver: Rivalry +20
Fenris: Rivarly +25
Varric: Friendship +15
on 18 Apr about 17 hours ago with 1857N
dragon age;  queue the posts;  
on 18 Apr about 18 hours ago with 880N
mass effect;  queue the posts;  


on 18 Apr about 19 hours ago with 1561N
assassin's creed;  before his face got fucked up;  queue the posts;  
on 18 Apr about 20 hours ago with 1725N
the last of us;  queue the posts;  


how to play mass effect:

  • shoot things
  • sass people
  • hit on aliens
  • accidentally wipe out an entire race
  • fuck shit up
  • get your crew killed
  • get yourself killed
on 18 Apr about 21 hours ago with 1408N
pretty much;  mass effect;  queue the posts;  


In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 80256N
agot;  got;  

I live with the two most amazing housemates ever.

on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 8N
me;  da roommates;  
Anonymous: wow you have such beautiful legs omo

Wow, I’ve never been complimented on my legs before. Thanks anon :D

I’m actually pretty self conscious about them, tbh /:
(And not just because they’re that white) 

on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 1N
though the picture makes me look hella white;  Anonymous;  

fabulous hair flip

on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 8N
god I'm so white in this picture;  me;  
roommate: *trying to kill spider* oh shit it went into Amber's room
on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 6N
I'm half naked but fuck there's a spider;  he killed it though;  god bless;  


”ill like this post so i can find it later on”


on 17 Apr about 1 day ago with 9235N
and I thought my like count was bad;  
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